Telangana Unemployment Allowance Scheme 2021: Online Registration

Telangana Unemployment Allowance Scheme: The government of Telangana has come across the announcement of the Telangana Unemployment Allowance scheme for all the unemployed youth of the state. This scheme has been announced at a time when the country is facing the aftermath of a pandemic and there have been various workers of the unorganized sectors who have ultimately lost their job.

The problem of Unemployment is not new as the country is witnessing an extreme imbalance in society. So are the states of the country. Telangana is one such state that has an abundance of resources but lacks behind the utilization of them. Hence with a good governance motive, the Chief Minister of Telangana Mr. K Chandrashekhar Rao took the decision to raise the scheme to be brought into effect after the TRS party won the assembly elections in 2018.

For the applicants who are willing to apply for the Telangana Unemployment scheme, we have provided the complete description of the Benefits, Registration, eligibility criteria, etc. of the scheme.


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About Telangana Unemployment Allowance scheme

The Telangana Unemployment Allowance scheme, also credited as the Telangana Nirudhyoga Bruthi scheme is a scheme to be enacted by the state government of Telangana. Through the scheme, the KCR government has confirmed the fulfillment of one of its points in the manifesto before elections. As per the scheme, there will be the dispense of a sum of Rs 3016 every month to every unemployed youth of the state in order to fulfill the basic commodities of living.

Key Highlights of Telangana Nirudhyoga Bruthi

Provided below is the tabular representation of the key traits of the Telangana state Unemployment scheme:

Name of the SchemeTelangana Unemployment Allowance Scheme
Scheme name in TeluguTelangana Nirudhyoga Bruthi Pathakam
Scheme underThe state government of Telangana
Scheme announced byChief Minister Mr K Chandrashekhar Rao
BeneficiariesThe unemployed youth of the state
AimTo provide Financial support to the unemployed youth of the state
Financial assistanceA sum of Rs 3016 to every unoccupied youth of the state
Year of AnnouncementOctober 2018
Estimated Budget1810 crores
Article typeYojana/Scheme
Official web portalLaunching soon

Required Documents for Telangana Nirudhyoga Bruthi Scheme

To apply for the Telangana Unemployment allowance scheme, it is required from the Applicants to carry certain documents that are listed below:

  • Aadhar Card of the Applicant
  • Ration card of the applicant( APL/BPL)
  • Domicile of the Telangana state or a Permanent Residence proof
  • Birth certificate/Age proof certificate of the applicant
  • A scanned softcopy of the Passport size photographs and signature of the applicants as per the dimensions to be mentioned.
  • Photocopy of the Concerned Bank’s Passbook with the page denoting the account details
  • Caste certificate of the applicant(if the candidate belongs to the Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Castes, or Other backward caste categories)
  • Income certificate of the applicant which is to be issued by the tehsildar or an equivalent gazetted authority of 6 months/12 months as per the respective criteria of the states ( It is to noted that the validity of the certificate should not expire through the registration process)
  • An Educational Qualification certificate is required to classify the applicant as per the literacy and designation.

Eligiblity Principle for TS Nirudhyoga Bruthi Scheme

One shall avail of the Telangana Unemployment allowance scheme once He/She fulfills the eligibility criteria as mentioned below:

  • The Telangana Unemployment allowance scheme is only applicable to the citizens of Telangana. Therefore, the Applicant/Beneficiary is ought to be a permanent resident of Telangana. He/She must carry the residence certificate or the Domicile of the state
  • Beneficiary falling between the age of 22-35 will be the ones who will be provided the scheme perks. Applicants being underage or overage then the said age group will be considered ineligible.
  • The applicant who falls below the Poverty line and has a White ration card issued for the household will be termed eligible for the scheme.
  • Applicant with a minimum qualification of Bachelor’s in any stream or an ITI/Polytechnic from any legit institute/university will be considered for the scheme.

Ineligibility Factors for Telangana Unemployment Allowance Scheme

There are some factors whereby TN Unemployment scheme limits or excludes the Applicants from registration. Provided below is the list of the factors:

  • An applicant whose yearly income exceeds Rs 2.4 lakhs will be excluded to register for the scheme
  • Any employee/former/retired employee with a track record of being an associate of Public sector/Government department/ public sector units can not apply for the scheme.
  • Applicant not falling under the age group of 22-35 will not be able to get registered.
  • An applicant holding any legal case/criminal record or has a derogatory track record in the past from the organisation/sector he/she was associated with would not be able to get the perk of the scheme. Thus, will be considered ineligible.
  • The candidate if owns the land of 2.5 acres of magaani and 5 acres of Metta will not be served the scheme.
  • If the candidate in the past has taken the loan above the limit of Rs 50000 from any private or public banks/institutions will be considered non-suitable for the scheme.
  • If the bank statement of the candidate shows an imbalance or non-uniformity in terms of monetary exchanges, then also He/she would be deprived of applying for the scheme.

Objective of TS Unemployment Allowance Scheme

Unemployment is a prime concern of the ruling government of Telangana. As per the report of The Times of India, nearly 33% of the youth of Telangana are unemployed or belong to the unorganised sector. This looks alarming as it is more than the national average of India’s unemployment rate of 21.6% despite the Telangana boosting the cities like Hyderabad, Nizamabad, etc. which showcase the societal and financial imbalance in the state.

Therefore the government of Telangana came with this initiative to get launch soon for providing monetary assistance of Rs 3016 for every month to each unemployed youth so as to gain the vocational skills/ technical skills or cover the charges of expenditure incurred on daily household needs.

Key traits and Benefits of Telangana Unemployment Scheme

  • The scheme is considered beneficial for the youths who are suffering from Brain drain and educated unemployment despite being skilled in their respective sectors.
  • As per the scheme, the Telangana government will grant a sum of Rs 3016 every month to the unemployed beneficiary so that he/she may overcome the financial constraint.
  • There will be an ease of access to the financial amount as the state government will grant the said sum through Direct benefit transfer (DBT).
  • The scheme is going to benefit an estimated 12 lakhs unemployed youths of the state.
  • As per the officials of the employment board, the availing of the scheme will continue until the Beneficiary does not land into an organized sector.
  • The scheme will prove out to be a landmark for unemployment by providing them aid to improve from the backwardness in the society

Budget Allocation for Telangana Nirudhyoga Bruthi Scheme

As per the announcement by CM K Chandrasekhar Rao during the assembly elections, there has been the budget allocated provided in the table generated below:

Aggregate Budget(announced)Rs 1810 crores
Expense of MonthRs 150.8 crores
Total Number of Beneficiaries(approximately)12 lakhs
Sum of financial aidRs 3016 for each month

How to Apply for the Telangana Unemployment Allowance Scheme Offline?

The bureaucrats and think tanks of the government of Telangana have adopted various blueprints and procedures to have the offline accessibility of the Telangana Unemployment Scheme. To apply for the Telangana Nirudhyoga Bruthi scheme, the Candidate must follow the procedure provided below:

  • Applicant should visit the office of Directorate of Employment of training under the Department of Labour, Employment training and factories
  • Hereby, the candidate shall obtain the application form from the concerned authority.
  • Applicant needs to fill up the personal, educational, and bank details along with the Self-declaration. Once the Application form gets filled, attach the required copies of the asked certificates and submit the same to the concerned gazetted authority’s department.
  • The officer in charge will look for the authentication of the Application form and the documents and will thereafter forward the application to the decision making authorities.
  • If considered for the application, the applicants will get the perks and benefits once there will be an announcement from the state government’s portal.

SSMMS Online Sand Booking Registration Telangana

How to Apply for the TS Unemployment Allowance Scheme Online?

Below is the detailed description of the tentative procedure to apply for the Telangana Unemployment Scheme in Online mode:

  • Go to the official web portal of the Telangana unemployment scheme under Telangana state portal or DET Telangana portal
  • Once the homepage appears in front of the screen, click on the Registration for “Telangana Unemployment Allowance’ denoted in the main menu.
  • Now you will be redirected to the Registration window.
  • Hereby the applicant will need to provide all the details pertaining to the Personal, Concerned bank, Contact etc.
  • Once the details get filled in, the Applicant will have to click the next button.
  • The new section will comprise the Upload documents section.
  • Upload the documents as per the provided dimensions.
  • Now take a review of the entire application, tick mark the declaration form as Yes, and hit the submit button.
  • Your registration will be successfully approved.

How to track the Telangana Unemployment Scheme status?

To track the status of the Telangana Unemployment scheme, one needs to follow the tentative procedure provided below:

  • Visit the official web portal of the Directorate of Telangana employment board/ Telangana state portal.
  • Once the homepage appears in front of the screen, click on the Login button displaying on the menu section.
  • Login through the credentials created at the time of admission.
  • On successful login, the Dashboard will appear on the screen.
  • Hereby, the user will receive the notification on the dashboard if there is any update from the government’s subsidiary’s side.
  • All the messages and updates of selection, rejection, approval will be appearing in the Dashboard. Therefore it is advised to the candidate to keep the credentials secured for future reference.

Helpdesk for Telangana Unemployment scheme

If the applicant/beneficiary faces any query or hindrance in the scheme or has feedback, He/she may contact – 040-23228057, Masabtank, Hyderabad or shall write to [email protected] Or [email protected] once the scheme gets operational.


When was the Telangana unemployment Allowance Scheme launched?

Telangana unemployment allowance scheme or Telangana Nirudhyoga Bruthi scheme has not been launched yet. There has been an announcement from Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s side with respect to the Allocation of Budget. The scheme shall be functional by the end of the year 2021.

How much is the amount granted under Telangana Bruthi scheme?

As of now, It has been said from the official announcement that the scheme will provide Rs 3016 every month to the beneficiaries who lack jobs in their respective fields.

What is the age group of beneficiaries taken into consideration in the Telangana Unemployment allowance scheme?

As per the scheme, the beneficiaries whose Age group falls between 22- 35 are eligible to apply for the scheme

Can the candidate from other state apply for the Telangana Bruthi scheme?

No the scheme is applicable only on the permanent residents of Telangana only.

What is the allocated budget for the Telangana unemployment allowance Scheme?

The budget allocated and announced so far is Rs 1810 crores with a monthly expenditure to be tentative as 150.8 crores, eventually helping approximately 12 lakhs applicants of the state.

When was the Telangana Bruthi scheme announced?

Telangana Bruthi scheme was announced on the month of October in the year 2018 by the CM K Chandrasekhar Rao during the assembly elections

Where is the official website of the Telangana Unemployment Allowance scheme/ Telangana Nirudhyoga Bruthi scheme?

As of now, there has been only the announcement from the state government’s side and the website for the scheme is not functional yet. However, whenever the website becomes operational, we will be updating it on our web portal.

What was the objective behind announcing the Telangana Bruthi scheme?

Despite adding a good amount of GDP from the cities like Hyderabad, Secunderabad etc, The newly formed state of Telangana had a major societal and financial imbalance in gross terms since it was stated from the analysis of TOI that the Telangana had an employment rate of 33.6% against the national average of 21.6%. Therefore the state government under the leadership of CM K Chandrasekhar Rao announced the scheme to eventually benefit the applicants who have been facing brain drain, tough stiff from both public and private sectors by providing financial assistance of Rs 3016 every month to add up for the expenditure and self-growth purpose of the individuals.

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