Goa Land Records: Search Map, Survey Plan & Mutation Records By Name

Goa Land Records: The Goa Government has come across a newly launched scheme named Goa land Record. This scheme is ultimately launched to help the goa citizens simplify and get ease of access to the data pertaining to the land. The Goa land record system is upgrading for the official website of the Goa Government.
In this article, we have shared the crucial aspects of the Goa Land Record Portal comprising status track, citizen services, service centres, Registration, and Land verification etc.

Goa Land Records System

Due to the implementation of the Goa Land Record System, the residents of Goa have been benefitted in enormous ways. Goa Land records system covers all the aspects of the Goa Land services inside the digital portal where the citizens of the Goa can obtain the registrants Land information, Registration criteria mutation status, and land records status, etc.

Goa Land Records
Goa Land Records Portal

Overview Of Goa Land Records

Name of the PortalGoa land Records
Launched byGoa Government
BeneficiariesResidents of Goa
ObjectiveTo provide online access to the Land information, tracking the land status, Mutation status etc.
Official websitehttps://egov.goa.nic.in/dslr/Tenders.htm

Goa Land Records: List of services

Provided below is the list of services offered to the registrants of the Goa:

  • Inspection of all Ownership plans.
  • Pre-release record of land.
  • Certificate copy of the village map.
  • Certificate copy of the Land ownership plans.
  • Separation of Boundaries.
  • Mutation of land record in the city survey
  • Partition
  • Re-survey
  • Land conversion
  • A city survey denoting the registrant’s possession in the property.

How to Login into Goa Land Service Portal?

  • Visit the official portal of goaonline.gov
  • Once the homepage appears, Click on the citizen services option from the main menu
  • Hereby, click on the Login section displayed on the right side of the screen corner.
  • Your Login portal will be displayed in front of you whereby you will have to provide your username and password credentials along with the generated captcha into the provided box to Login to the Portal.

How to Register for the Goa Land portal?

  • Visit the official web portal of Goa online service.
  • Once the homepage opens, Watch on to the extreme right side of the corner whereby the Register button will be displayed
  • Click on the same and you will be redirected to the new Registration portal whereby you will have to provide your email address and mobile number for authentication.
  • Once the Generate OTP will be clicked, your mobile number/e-mail address will receive the OTP which you have to write down in the provided box and hit the Submit button.
  • Once Registered your Dashboard will be created successfully.

How to Verify Land Certificate?

To verify the Land that the registrant contains, He/she needs to provide the information pertaining to Land records. Below are the steps which we have provided to ensure the verification of the Land certificate:

Through Transaction Deed
  • The initial one is the Transaction Deed which can be tick marked leading to the details appearing like:
    • Taluka
    • Village/Town
    • Survey Number/PT Sheet number
    • Subdivision number/Chalta number.
  • Once the appeared details are selected from the drop-down menus respectively, Enter the Buyer, seller, and registration details as shown in the image below
Via Records of Right
  • In the second tick mark of the Records of Right, The details of Taluka, Town, Survey number and Subdivision number will appear which the registrant willl have to update as per his/her information.
  • Next in the ROR segment, provide the Mutation date along with the CAPTCHA code and Click on the Search button to display the Records of right.
Via Property tax
  • Tick mark, along with the existing data of segment 1st,
  • The applicant will have to provide the property tax details such as Municipal council, Ward number, House number, and the name of the property taxpayer, and lastly have to click on the Captcha code to search out the Property tax owner.

How to Track Status of Land Certificate?

  • From the Department section, Click on Town and country planning and from service, click on certificate of Land use
  • Next, write your acknowledgement number and Captcha code and click on the search button and your Land use certificate will be displayed in front of the screen denoting the Land use certificate list as per the respective area and tehsil with the specific mention of the registrant name.

How to track status of Goa Land Record?

  • Visit the official portal of Goa Online services.
  • Once the homepage appears in front of you, click on the Track status option from the menu bar.
  • As the portal will appear on the next page, Choose the Department and service from the drop-down section respectively.
  • Now mention the acknowledgment number and CAPTCHA code and click on the search record
  • Your Land records progress will be displayed in front of the screen

How to access Land Record Forms?

Basically there are 2 types of Forms for land records of Goa:

  • Form 1 and 14th
  • Form D

Registrants shall check the Application form they are applying for. These land record forms provide complete information of the land associated with the Landholder in a decentralized way. To access the Forms in the Directorate of Settlement and Land records, we have provided the complete procedure of the 2 forms respectively:

Form I & XIV

To access the Form I and XIV, Registrants need to follow the steps provided below:

  • Visit the Official web portal of the Directorate of settlement and land records
  • As soon as the homepage opens, take a glance at the list bar where the Services option will appear.
  • Click on the option and the new portal will be displayed in front of you.
  • From the top menu, tap on Form I & XIV appearing on the first and leftmost side.
  • Now the portal details will appear in which provided information needs to be provided in the drop-down section:
    • Taluka
    • Village
    • Survey number
    • Subdivision number
    • Captcha code (inside the textbox)
  • Once the registrant enters all the information, click on the View Details button on the bottom right.
  • The results of the form information as per the customisation will be displayed.

Form D

For accessing Form D, Registrant needs to follow the process provided below:

  • Registrant needs to visit the official website of the Directorate of Settlement and Land Records.
  • Once the homepage opens, upon the Homepage, tap on the Services option appearing in the list bar on the left corner of the website.
  • The Application page comprising 4 forms hyperlink namely Form I & XIV, Form D, Mutation Status (Rural), and Mutation Status (urban) will appear in the menu bar.
  • Tap on Form D and you will be redirected to the new portal.
  • Upon the portal, Provide the asked details such as :
    • City
    • PT Sheet Number
    • Chalta Number
    • Generated Captcha
  • Once all the details are provided, Hit the View Details button provided on the right side of the portal.
  • The desired custom result information of the registrant will be displayed on the screen.

Goa Land Records Mutation Status For Rural Area

In order to To check the mutation status for rural areas, one needs to abide the simple process provided below:

  • To initiate, visit the official website of the Directorate of Settlement and Land Records. The homepage will appear in front of the screen.
  • Upon the home page of the website, the Applicant has to tap on the Mutation status displayed in the menu bar.
  • Now you will be redirected to the window where you will have to fill up the details such as Taluka from the Drop-down, Mutation Number, and the Captcha generated in the provided box
  • Lastly, click on the ‘View Status‘ button and the search results pertaining to the Land Records Mutation Status will appear in front of you.

Goa Land Records Mutation Status For Urban Area

If the registrants want to check their mutation status for urban areas, then they have to follow the steps given below: –

  • Visit the official web portal of the Directorate of Settlement and Goa Land Records.
  • Now the homepage will appear in front of the screen
  • Tap on the option of Mutation status (urban) provided in the menu bar.
  • Now you will be redirected to the new window
  • In the portal, provide the following information –
    • Mutation Number
    • Generated CAPTCHA text in the box
  • Once previewing the above information, just click on the “View Details” button.

Now the information of Land Records Mutation Status will be displayed in front of you.


Service Charges for Goa Land Records

There are different types of charges available for availing the benefits of different type of services present in the portal:-

Records ScrutinyRs. 10/hour
Seek & Inquest (In case the person doesn’t have the details regarding property)Rs. 20/hour
Accredited copy of the old planRs. 100 per subdivision/survey number. (Prone to extra cost for paper)
Authorized photocopy of a) Registered Surveyor b) LicenseRs. 60/ page
Rs. 30/ page (Extra Cost for paper shall be incurred)
The survey fees for Dispense/ Re-survey / separation/ Re-fixation /meetingRs. 1500/ survey number for area under 5000 sq. meters and Rs 500 for area exceeding 5000 sq. meters.
Every certified copy of a computerized map or plan or any portion of a map or plan (colored copy with all details) not falling under (4), (5), and (6).Up to 10 PT sheets will cost Rs 250 and additional P.T.Sheet will cost 50 Rs/sheet
authorized copy of a running hand/computer-generated sheet with a Dimension of 30 X 21 Cms50 Rs. charges/sheet (If printed in A3 sheet and A4 sheet, Rs 2 and Rs 1 will be additionally charged respectively)
Also the handwritten copy charges will be twice the charges mentioned at first place.

List of Service Centers

The following list of service centers in Goa has been made available for carrying out various types of activities related to Goa land records-

CenterAddressPhone Numbers
Inspector of Land Records and settlement(Panjim)Collectorate Building, Panaji, Goa2235186
Inspector of Land Settlement and Records(Mapusa)Mapusa, Bardez2254151
Inspector of Land settlement affairs (Margao)Margao, Salcete2701479
Inspector of Settlement and land Records (Vasco city)Vasco, Mormugao2516101
Tehsildar -PondaG.O complex, Ponda2312121
Tehsildar -BardezGovernment. Office complex, Mapusa2262210
Tehsildar -PernemGovernment. Office Complex(Pernem)2201223
Tehsildar -QuepemG.O complex, Quepem2662228
Tehsildar -SattariG.O complex, Sattari2374243
Tehsildar – TiswadiCollectorate Building, Panaji, Goa2425533
Tehsildar -MormugaoG.O complex, Mormugao2513014
Tehsildar – CanaconaGovernment office complex, Canacona2643329
Tehsildar -SanguemG.O complex, Sanguem2604232
Tehsildar -BicholimG.O complex (Bicholim)2363886
Tehsildar – DharbandoraMamlatdar Office, Dharbandora2614111
Tehsildar -SalceteG.O complex, Margao2722909

Important Links

Goa Land Records OnlineRURALURBAN
Survey Plan Goa Downloadhttps://egov.goa.nic.in/dslr/Forms.htm
Survey Plan of Bardez-Goahttps://tcp.goa.gov.in/?page_id=541
Search Land by Survey Numberhttps://www.goa.gov.in/citizen/how-do-i/land-record/
Goa Land Records Mutation Status For Rural Areahttps://egov.goa.nic.in/dslr/mutstatf114.aspx
Goa Land Records Mutation Status For Urban Areahttps://egov.goa.nic.in/dslr/mutstatfd.aspx
Goa Land Records 2021https://egov.goa.nic.in/

Helpdesk Details

In case the beneficiaries/registrants face any problem with the Land records or the services of the Goa Directorate of Land Settlement they shall contact/reach out to the undersigned dignitaries mentioned below:

Shri Johnson B. Fernandes
Collectorate Building, Swami Vivekanand Road (near Military Head Qts.) Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa – 403001dir-land.goa@nic.in

Shri. Mandar Mohan Naik
Dy. Director (Admin)
Collectorate Building, Swami Vivekanand Road (near Military Head Qts.) Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa – 403001dir-land.goa@nic.in

Shri Savio Silveira
Inspector Of Survey & Land Records
Collectorate Building, Swami Vivekanand Road (near Military Head Qts.) Panaji, Tiswadi, Goa – 403001dir-land.goa@nic.in


Frequently Answered Questions

Ques- Is there any availability of Mobile applications of Goa Land services?

Currently, there is no mobile application of Goa land services available for Android/IOS platforms.

Ques-Can I get the information of the service centres in Goa on the Directorate of Settlement and Land records website?

Yes, you can find the information regarding the service centers in Goa on the DSLR website.

Ques- Is there any Registration cost for the Application form?

No there is no requirement to pay the Application fee for the form.

Ques- How can I download Form I & XIV and Form D?

Registrant shall download these forms by visiting the Official web portal of Directorate of Land Records, Goa, where he/she will have to click on ‘Download Forms’. A separate page will open on the screen where the respective form shall be downloaded.

Ques- What are the details required to provide for Land record form I and XIV?

Taluka, Village, Survey number, Subdivision number, and the Captcha code are the desired details for obtaining Form I and XIV.

Ques- What is the information needed to be provided for Form D?

Name of the City where the registrant resides, the PT Sheet Number, Chalta Number, and writing Captcha are all needed in Form D.

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