UP e-Mandi 2022, New License Application Online Status

UP e-Mandi 2022: Uttar Pradesh e-mandi portal for new License applications was launched on 1st March 2021 in Uttar Pradesh. The registration on UP Emandi for License is done by filling three forms respectively. In form 1 Basic information is to be fed, in form 2 Insertion and documents upload is to be done and finally in Form 3 Fee Payment is made. These three tiers of the form filling process need to be completed within 14 days after registration else registration will again begin from start. If the candidate has filled the first part of the form and couldn’t complete the rest then visit the application status for it.

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UP eMandi 2022

eNAM is a National Agriculture Market a which is an online market program for Agricultural assets in India. The main idea behind this project is “One Nation, One Market”. This project was rolled on 14th April 2016, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and so was this projected widespread nationally being a Central government project. On the current data basis, there are about 585 Mandi’s across 16 states those have implements themselves under eNAM. Yet some states like Bihar, Manipur, Kerala etc has not adopted the framework of APMC still.

After seeing the success of eNAM, the UP government also launched e-mandi which is following the guide frame of eNAM. The UP government wanted their farmers to rise up and stand on their feet again, after this massive hit of the pandemic. It was difficult for farmers and traders to get through to each other, therefore had to get a mid interceptor. This mid-interceptor interference cost and cheating cases increased. So thus, came a need to safeguard the farmers, who are basically pillar of the society.


Understanding eNAM

To understand eNAM in a better way let’s see some important points related to it-

  • Under the APMC act, each state can establish agricultural markets known to be MANDI. In these Mandi’s sales takes place only through auction. The charge of sales in the auction is maintained by Commission Agents who act as a bridge between farmers and dealer.
  • What is APMC?
    Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) is a merchandising board set up by the State government all over India. This was set up in order to make sure that the farmers are safeguarded from exploitation by any means. It assures that farmers are neither cheated nor increasing retail price unreasonably caused to them while selling by the retailers.
  • What is e-Mandi?
    In e-Mandi, the Mandi’s are connected electronically making it simpler for both the farmer and the retailer. Most of the state in India now have e-mandi portal for carrying out all the mandi related activities in online mode. This is for both high level and small level farmers. Mandi is a place where farmers can sell all manufactured grains etc. on an online platform making it a digital platform.

What is UP E-mandi ?
UP E-mandi is a specialized platform for connecting the trader and farmers digitally so that they can check everything related information anywhere and anyplace. It not only provides benefits to farmers but also to the traders, Mandi staff , merchants , Government bodies etc.

This is to ensure that though this is made online but it will still be made friendly for people as it is not only used by officers and authority but also majorly by farmers . This portal is maximized in such a way that it use digital world intervention to make each step easier but also easy to understand for all level of workers.

Overview on UP Emandi

UP e-Mandi is basically a platform where the government is trying to bring the agriculture field forward and make it digital so that it is easily available to one and all. but more specifically it is targeted towards farmers and the aspect around farmers in order to safeguard them seeing how much farmers are suffering as they are the most forbidden pillar of our society.

The government is trying to merge the APMCs all around India under the Ministry of Farmers and Agriculture together in one platform.

Name of project UP Emandi License
Conducting authorityState Agricultural Produce Market Board, Uttar Pradesh
Established byNational Informatics Centre (NIC)
Set up date in of E-mandi UP portal1st March 2021
Registration Date Always Open
Last date of registration No last date
Mode of applicationOnline
Authorized userFarmers/ trader or dealers/ Mandi Officials
Aim To make things easier for both farmers and traders through an online process by making it digital so services could be rendered irrespective of place and time one is in.
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Key Elements of UP Emandi

E-mandi provides better and upgraded options for farmers products to sold on reasonable amount providing them profit without a middle man. It leads to fair competition within market which leads to lower price in market which in turn benefits the farmers. Farmers are connected to all around market with price evaluation.

More such points under e-Mandi are :

  • It lets farmers show the products from anywhere to all the traders no matter which place they are in and to state the price.
  • There is a proper legal process as the license is needed to carry out all the process which leads to no leeway for cheaters.
  • There is one point of Imposing fee in the market.
  • To bring in agreement towards the quality of the product.
  • Even the state platform is allowed by the authority to link them with NAM and get into the market process.
  • There are soil testing labs so that farmers could explore this too and enjoy this service too while getting through mandi’s.

Authorized Users of E-mandi

  • Farmers
  • Retailers
  • Mandi staff
  • Commission Officers.
  • Executive body
  • Government bodies

In above mentioned users the primary users are farmers, traders and commission officers.

Advantages of UP Emandi

E-mandi provides a large amount of perpetual benefits to all the category related to e-mandi.

  • Farmers: They are now given the chance to sell their products without any third mediator party thus allowing them to have a full return of what they make by selling.
  • Traders: Local traders get a huge opportunity of getting themselves introduced to national marketing for second-level trading.
    Communication between two APMC has become easy without any kind of brokers in between.
  • High-end retailers and Exporters have got easy sourcing as there is no time waste on finding inter mediators and thus saving the intermediation cost too.
  • Consumers: Due to the high level of competition between the traders it will automatically lead to normal prices of products.
  • Mandi’s: It has become easy in keeping watch on for commission agents to keep all in check so that no cheating occurs and no farmer suffers.
  • Others: The intention is clear that it wants transparency in all level of handling this ensuring safety of farmers, thus this will improve marketing in the field of agriculture .its will increase supply and reduce wasting of supplies.
    With a proper license, one can easily tackle the state market at any price.

Registration for UP Emandi License

The entire application follows a proper systematic process . The process is to be classified into four major sections are:

  • Administration
  • Exit Entry
  • Lot Operators
  • Auctions

Also, a Form for an applicant who is applying for a New License application form is available all the time.

How to apply for Mandi license using UP eMandi?

Registration for Mandi licence online UP for trader is applicable all the time can fill it any time. Check How to apply for Mandi license in UP emandi portal shown as under-

  • The user first has to go to the official website of the UP E-mandi portal.
  • Go to the options application form for a new applicant (लाइसेंस आवेदन हेतु आवेदन फॉर्म) then fill and submit it by pressing (संरक्षित) option
  • After completing this , user would be able to see main form, start filling it.
  • User must select the Registration Type as “Trader” option on the top left side of screen.
  • After selecting trader option this form will appear which is to be filled by user.
  • The general information must be filled after that click on submit
  • After filling and submitting the form an id and password will be generated, which will help to Login in further cases
  • The login ID and Password generated are highly confidential which needs to keep only to the user.
  • Then In the second part of form one is required to submit needed documents.
  • In the final step, the User is needed to make payment by SBI to collect and fill in the required information.

For Farmers Registration

  • User can first register on the main official website.
  • A user on going to the official website needs to go to the Registration option there a form will appear where one needs to select the “Registration Type” and select “farmer” as an option.
  • Now provide your email id in which the generated Login ID and password will be received.
  • After registration, you will receive a temporary Login ID and password by which you can log in.
  • Now user can log in on the dashboard.
  • As soon as the dashboard appears you will see a message displayed saying “Click here to Register with APMC“. click on this link it will directly make you fill the form.
  • It will be sent for approval to the wished APMC after KYC is completed.
  • Now after the final submission user can check on the status to check and it may be written as submitted/approved/ rejected.
  • If you are approved then you will receive the permanent Login Id and Password for the farmer’s platform. now you can get in contact with respective mandis and all.

For Renewal of License

  • Click on the option of Renewal of license (लाइसेंस नवीनीकरण) on the main screen homepage of website.
  • now click on this option and a dialogue box appears .

Now see the renew the license.

For Verifying License

  • On the homepage of the main website go to the option of verification of the license click on option, a dialogue box will appear to fill it and check it by clicking on option View(देखें)

The form filling for UP emandi new license is filled in three section which should be completed withing 14 days of registration.

Documents Required

  • Security amount of Rs.1000/- on National Budget paper or Demand draft to the organization.
  • An affidavit in a format stated by the authority by the applicant on a stamp paper of Rs.10/verified by a notary.
  • An affidavit in a format stated by the authority by the two guarantors on a stamp paper of Rs. 10 verified by a notary.
  • If there is a partnership firm then a partnership deed is to be needed.
  • If a person has a company then a copy of the Certificate of registration and Memorandum is to be needed.
  • In the case of many co-partner , one of the partners needs to provide a copy of an order to provide a license to any one of the Manager/Director/Director
  • If the place where trading is done is rented then a copy of the rent agreement is to be kept.
  • Pan card copy
  • Aadhar Card copy
  • Residence proof(Electricity bill copy)
  • A copy of the firms GSTIN and TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number).
  • If belongs to a dependent class of society then a copy of the Certificate issued by the correspondent authority is needed.

Executing Bodies

  • The main executing body is Small Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium(SFAC).
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers welfare under which SFAC lies.

Important Links

UP Emandi Portal Click here
UP eMandi login inClick here
UP e-Mandi application statusClick here
Sign Up for tradersClick here
UP e-Mandi Registration form for applicantClick here
To get feedback/or complaintClick here
State Agricultural Produce Market’s Board, UP portal Click here


Which authority governs the status of E-mandi in Uttar Pradesh?

In Uttar Pradesh E-mandi License and this project is under State Agricultural Produce Markets Board, Uttar Pradesh who look after this under Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.

What is Form 6 and Form 9 In UP e-mandi new License application form?

There are two categories in the UP e-mandi New License application form, in form 6 the first selling product process occurs and in form 9 the second selling product process occurs.

How many traders and farmer are connected under eNAM?

According to the latest data on 28th February 2021, there are about 21 states involved and about 1,57,778 traders and about 1,69,87,215 farmers to be precisely registered in it.

How to find out what all items are sold under E-mandi ?

To check which all items are sold in e-mandi is by checking on the official website of either Central Union territory or on Concerned state Official websites under the topic “Commodities” where a wide list of items is shown.

How is the form for UP Emandi New License application filled ?

The form is being filled in three segments where Form 1 is about basic general information, form 2 is about applying documents etc and form 3 is about payment for the final step.

If I could not complete my registration due to any reason and left it in between what shall I do ?

If Registration is left mid-step then one needs to check that on the official website “Application Status” and then continue filling the form as a person can complete registration within 14 days after entering the registration option.

How does Auction takes place in E-mandi ?

The auction process is the main equation of the work process. it basically is done systematically:
1- Agreement for sales main plan Update.
Transactions with Transparency.
2. Creation of how the bid would be.
3. Rejection of bid.
4. Declaring bid
5. Sales Agreement in harmony with the terms.
6.Billing Report of the sales conductance
7. Report on auction so far.

How can application fee is to be paid?

The mode of payment for application is online. Payment can be made through e-mandi portal.

How to get Gate pass for entry?

You can directly apply for gate pass on trader dashboard and fill the form for applying on it.

If the Applicant is not able to see the Form 6 and Form 9 option on the page then what can be done?

If the applicant is not able to see Form 1 and form 2 then the applicant can check
1- Validity of License
2- Update the email id which is in the License from the Mandi Samiti.
3- Check the requirement of the license.

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