Maharashtra Curfew ePass Apply Online Lockdown epass Registration, Status

Maharashtra Curfew ePass Apply Online Lockdown epass Registration, Status | Curfew emergency ePass

The COVID-19 Virus has severely affected the lives of the people of India. One of the sole record cases have emerged from the state of Maharashtra which is the epicenter of the strongest GDP of the country. With the recent spike in the covid cases due to the second wave across Maharashtra, the state government of Maharashtra is in full action to defend the citizens of the state against the ongoing Pandemic. Therefore, the Maharashtra Police on Friday announced the E-Pass system which grants access to the citizen of the state to travel Inter-District or Inter-State in case of extreme emergency. The fresh guidelines have been released by the Uddhav Thackeray led Maharashtra Government which restricts and limits the travel ways, office and market time, wedding programs etc. considering the latest upsurge of cases. Under this article, we guide the user throughout the eligibility, application, service under E Pass Portal.

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Maharashtra Curfew ePass

Maharashtra E Pass is a digital cum physical card issued by the Maharashtra Police and State government to facilitate the citizens of Maharashtra to travel within the state or in other states of India. It comprises of the Name of the citizen, Vehicle number, photograph of the citizen along with the validity and QR code inside the E Pass. The QR code in the E Pass helps the security officials/District or state police posted in the checkpoints to scan the code and successfully authenticate and grant access to the citizen.

Maharashtra Curfew ePass

In case of any assistance regarding the issuance of Maharashtra E Pass, the Applicant shall visit His/Her nearest police station to get a guidance throughout the procedure.

Overview of the Maharashtra Curfew ePass

Name of the CardMaharashtra Curfew EPass
Issuing AuthorityMaharashtra Police Department
E Pass AuthorityState Government of Maharashtra
ApplicabilityOn the citizens residing in the State of Maharashtra
Cause of IssuanceUprise in the cases of patients due to 2nd wave of Covid Pandemic in the state of Maharashtra
E Pass UsageTo grant the access to the citizens of Maharashtra in case of emergency situation
E Pass AvailabilityFrom April 15
Application ModeOnline
E Pass ValidityTill 15th May (Prone to Extension)
Official Website

Eligibility Criteria for Maharashtra Lockdown ePass

The eligibility criteria required for getting Maharashtra E Pass is as follows:

  • Applicant should be a citizen or currently residing in the state of Maharashtra
  • Applicant should be above 18 years of age.
  • Applicant is eligible in case of prone to emergency situations around himself
  • Applicant must carry a fresh Medical certificate denoting the civilian’s covid report as Negative.
  • Applicant must carry the security essentials during the time of emergency such as Face Masks, Sanitizers etc.

Note: The Essential commodities services providers who are into the service such as Food Delivery associates, Sanitation officials, Rescue Team officials, NCC corps, Warehousing and Ration transporters etc. are exempted to issue Maharashtra E-Pass. However, they must carry an Official ID issued by the government of India for authentication.

Maharashtra Ration Card List 2021

Documents Required for Maharashtra Lockdown EPass

Provided below is the list of Documents required to Apply for Maharashtra E Pass:

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Government Issued ID Card(Aadhar Card/Voter ID)
  • Travel Pass concern supporting Document
  • Medical Certificate issued by the Private/Government Hospital
  • Death certificate issued by the Medical examiner(in case the casualty occurs in the family of the citizen)

How to Apply for Maharashtra Curfew ePass Application ?

To apply for the Maharashtra E Pass Applicant needs to follow the procedure provided below:

  • Visit the Official web portal of Maharashtra Police Covid19
  • Once the homepage appears on the screen, The ‘Apply for New Pass‘ section will appear on the screen on the left.
  • Tap on ‘Apply for Pass Here’ button inside the section.
  • Now the site will be redirected to the Application Portal of Maharashtra E Pass
  • Before the Application portal, a new notification bar will appear on the screen
  • Hereby, Applicant will need to tap on the select bar with Yes or No whether He/She wants to travel outside the state of Maharashtra and Tap on the Submit Button
Maharashtra inter state select bar
  • Next, If Applicant selects Yes then He/She will be required to provide the total strength of the passenger accompanied with him by clicking the Drop-Down. The passengers segment will generally be subdivided into 2 categories:
    • 0-4 passengers
    • 5 or more passengers
  • Click on the Submit button to go to the Main application portal.
Maharashtra E Pass passenger list option
  • Inside the Travel Pass Application Portal, the citizen is required to provide the following details:
    • Choose the District Police Commissionerate of the State from the Drop-Down
    • Official Name of the Applicant
    • Select the initial date of commencement of Travel
    • Contact Number
    • Select a Reason for Travel from the Drop Down (Either a Relative’s demise or extreme emergency situation)
    • The vehicle type(Either Public transport or Private transport) and Number
    • Current Address of the Applicant
    • E-mail address of the Applicant
    • Boarding point of the city Applicant is in currently
    • District of the Final destination
    • Number of Co-passengers
    • Address of the Final Destination of the passenger
    • Containment zone(Select Yes/No)
    • Return Route of the Passenger(Select with Yes or No)
Maharasthra E Pass Application Portal
  • The 2nd segment is the Upload section whereby Applicant needs to attach the required documents provided below:
    • Passport size photograph(The photograph size should not exceed 200 Kb)
    • Aadhar Card/Death Certificate/Medical summary(Uploaded document should be less than 1 mb).
    • Any supporting relevant Document(The document size should not exceed 1 mb).
  • At last, Tap on the Submit Button to apply for the Maharashtra E Pass. On successful application, Applicant is granted a Token ID which can be used to track the Application status.
  • Post the successful authentication of the Application by the concerned Police Department of the region, Applicant is able to Download the Maharashtra E-Pass via Token ID. It is mandatory to keep the obtained hardcopy of the E Pass during travelling.
  • Here it may be noted that essential service providers do not require e-pass for traveling across the state of Maharashtra.
Maharashtra E Pass Upload section

Note: For instant photograph, Applicant shall tap on Enable Webcam button to upload the photograph and to compress/resize the file, Applicant shall click on the hyperlink displayed just above the Upload section.

How to Track and Download the Maharashtra Curfew EPass?

Once the Applicant has registered for the E Pass and wants to check the status of the Application or Download the E Pass, the applicant must follow the procedure provided below:

  • Visit the Official web portal of Maharashtra Police Covid19
  • Now the Homepage will be appeared on the screen
  • A portal will appear on the screen with ‘Covid E Pass for Inter State and Inter District Level’
  • Inside the portal , 2 sections of E Pass will appear:
    • Apply for New Pass
    • Download Pass
  • Applicant needs to check the Download Pass section and Tap on the Check Status/Download Pass button being displayed on the bottom.
  • Now the applicant will be redirected to a separate window
  • In this window, Applicant needs to provide the Token ID( Application Number created during the time of Registration) inside the textbox.
  • Lastly, Click on the Submit Button and the status of the E Pass of the Applicant will be displayed on the screen.
Maharashtra E Pass Track Download

Note: The Government of Maharashtra has urged the citizens of Maharashtra to not issue the Maharashtra E Pass in case the utmost emergency not occurs.

Maharashtra E Pass helpdesk

In case the Applicant is facing any hindrance pertaining to the Maharashtra E Pass, the citizen shall contact the Helpline numbers provided below:

  • Konkan Division- 022-22027990
  • Deccan Division- 011-23978046 OR 1075
  • Vidarbha Division- 0712-2562668 or 1077

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- What is the validity of the Maharashtra E Pass?

Maharashtra E Pass is applicable till the curfew in the state prevails. As of now, due to a new extension released by the Maharashtra Government, It will be applicable till May 15 which shall extend given if further extension happens.

Ques- Where should I go to register myself for Maharashtra E Pass?

The citizens should visit the Official portal of Maharashtra Police Covid 19 in order to apply for the Maharashtra E Pass

Ques- What is the Maharashtra E Pass?

Maharashtra E Pass is a card issued by the Maharashtra Government granting travel access to the citizens of Maharashtra in case the extreme bad situation or causality occurs?

Ques- What does Maharashtra E Pass consist of?

Maharashtra E Pass is a card issued by the state government with the support of the Maharashtra Police. It can be obtained in a Paperwork or Digital form that generally has the name of the Applicant, Vehicle number, Photograph, Date of Validity, and a Qr code in it. The QR code can be scanned by the security officials deployed to grant access to the citizen.

Ques- How can I check the status of my Application for Maharashtra E Pass?

Applicant needs to go to the official web portal of the Maharashtra Police Covid 19. Once the homepage opens, Choose the Download Pass section, Hit the Check Status button, and Provide the Token Id created during the time of Registration in the textbox. As soon as you will click the submit button, your Application Status will appear on the screen.

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