Delhi Curfew ePass: Apply Online Covid 19 Lockdown Status

Delhi Curfew ePass: The covid-19 pandemic has burst out the whole country making the economy and the livelihood being worst affected. Delhi- the country’s capital has also been adversely affected with the number of patients and fatalities breaking the record of the first wave in 2020. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal led government has announced a complete lockdown and night curfew till 26th April and generated the E pass facilities for the essential commodity workers for controlling the situation. This article guides the citizens of Delhi throughout the registration and procedure of the Delhi Curfew ePass provided under the official web portal of the Delhi government.

About Delhi Curfew E Pass

Amidst the curfew, the citizens of Delhi shall step out for the essential services for basic commodities. This generally caters to the demand to have an authenticated Pass issued to them covering up the reason for travelling outside. Therefore, E-pass is generally a legit slip issued by the government that permits the citizen to walk through the public place for an important or urgent situation. The application for an E-pass can be completed and submitted on the official portal of the Delhi government.

Delhi curfew E pass

Why was Delhi curfew implemented?

The lethal 2nd wave is on its vicious commencement since the beginning of the Financial year. Given the outcome and situation getting out of control, the Chief Minister of Delhi – Mr Arvind Kejriwal On 20th April announced a complete lockdown for 6 days throughout the whole territory in order to avoid and eliminate the aftermath of the deadly Chinese virus. The order passed due to a record-breaking upsurge of 3,548 making the total cases to be 6,79,962 as per the data revealed by the Health bulletin of the Delhi government.

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Eligibility Principle for Delhi Curfew ePass

Note: The general issuance and Applicability of the Delhi E Pass is for the applicants involved in the distribution of essential goods and services who shall not be holding any Government Issued ID. Therefore it’s a humble request from the Delhi government’s side to kindly not register for the E pass otherwise and be at home only at this tough crisis time.

Provided below is the list of the eligible citizens of Delhi for Registration of E pass:

  • Shopkeepers providing the everyday groceries/foodgrains or other such items
  • People involved in the warehousing of the products
  • Associates of Water/power supply
  • Home delivery associates providing the catering or food services
  • Employees located in the Petrol filling stations
  • Telecommunication and IT services employees.
  • Employees on duty under Government’s contract
  • Employees of the banks/insurance or the ATM services

Documents required for Delhi Curfew Epass

Provided below is the list of documents to be uploaded in the Delhi :

  • An approved NOC letter from the Employer/Owner
  • A government-issued ID(the size of the file should not exceed 4 MB)
Delhi E pass application portal pg3
Documents upload section in the Delhi Curfew E pass form

Exemption Under Delhi Curfew EPass

Citizens are exempted for the absence of Delhi Curfew ePass if:

  • The women are pregnant and hold the prescription or appointment with the healthcare centre for services.
    The associates of the public/private medical centres/hospitals such as Doctors, Nurses, compounded, support staff for Pharma, sanitation, security services carries the Identity card of their respective hospitals/healthcare centres.
  • In case, the person carries the legit ticket of the medium of transport in which He/she is departing or arriving such as Airways, Railways or Roadways.
  • If the student carries the admit card of the examination along with the date and centre happening within the days of Curfew, then He/She will be exempted to appear for the examination.
  • Along with the students, the undersigned officials/teachers who are the invigilator for the examination must carry the ID card.
  • All the decentralised officials of the Judicial system of Delhi courts(Supreme, High and District courts) carry a valid ID card.
  • All The Field reporters/journalists who are on ground duty to cover the city highlights into the respective medium of press hold the ID card of the associated Press.
  • The associates of the ministries under central or state government, government departments, Public sector units hold their Identity card.
  • If the officials are posted to the duty to cope up with emergency situations from their respective NGO’s, Government or volunteers to ensure safety must carry the Identity card. These people shall be:
    • Medical care centres for mental and positive health of family
    • Policemen, Homeguards, Fire brigades, LIU units deployed for the safety of citizens.
    • Household Bill department officials of Electricity, Water etc.
    • Officials deployed on the Public transport for security, sanitation, ticketing etc.
    • The rescue teams of Disaster management deployed in case of an epidemic.
    • National cadet corps deployed to provide the relief material to the citizens.
    • The truck bearers or lorry owners transporting the essential Goods from the stock within the state or from other states to Delhi.

How to Apply for Delhi Curfew ePass?

The lockdown on Delhi will last throughout the weekdays and weekends. The people who will be managing to provide their crucial goods or services during the Lockdown will have to undergo the process of Registration under the Delhi government’s official portal. Provided below is the complete procedure to guide the eligible Delhi citizens to register for Delhi lockdown E-pass:

  • Visit the Official web portal of Delhi Government. Once the homepage appears on the screen, click on the ‘Apply for E pass’ hyperlink provided in front of the webpage.
Delhi Curfew ePass navigation
  • Once clicked, the next page will appear asking the user for the selection of language- English/Hindi as per their convenience.
Delhi Curfew ePass language selection
  • Now a drop-down will appear in which the user will need to choose the ‘E pass for travel during curfew’ and press the Submit button.
Delhi E pass selection
  • The next page will appear Application portal of E pass. Applicant hereby should be ready to fill the asked information provided inside the portal. In section 1st, Applicant is required to provide the Mobile number, Official name, District of Delhi, and the address of the office or the place from where He/she operates.
Delhi e pass application portal pg1
  • In the second section of service, the Applicant needs to select the essential service He/she is engaged in such as warehousing, home delivery, etc. next from the drop-down Applicant should select the dates between whom the applicant will be lending the service along with the mention of the time.
Delhi E pass application portal pg2
  • Once the applicant uploads the documents in the 3rd section, review the application and tick mark the undertaking that all the details provided above are true to the knowledge of the applicant
  • Lastly, press the Submit button and your Application for E Pass will be submitted successfully.
Delhi E pass application portal pg4

Track Application status Of Delhi Curfew ePass

The eligible registrant who has applied for the Delhi E Pass shall check the status of the E Pass on the official portal of the Delhi government. Provided below is the procedure to register for the Delhi E pass:

  • Visit the Official web portal of the Delhi Government. Once the homepage opens, click on the ‘Apply for E pass’ hyperlink appearing in the front.
  • On the next page, select your preferred language- English or Hindi.
  • Now the Application portal will be opened. On the top of the page, click on the Check status button being displayed.
Delhi Curfew ePass
  • Now the website will be redirected to the application status portal. Once the page appears, Provide the 7 character E Pass ID.
Delhi Curfew ePass
  • On providing the correct E pass Id, the status of the Application for E pass will be displayed on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- What is the date of applicability of Delhi E pass?

Delhi Curfew ePass is applicable throughout the phase of Lockdown. As per the announcement, as of now, The Curfew will last till 26th April till morning 5 am. Hence, The applicant shall be granted access by the said date.

Ques – Where can we access the Application link for Delhi E pass?

Delhi curfew ePass can be applied through the official web portal of Delhi government.

Ques- Is the issuing of Delhi E pass mandatory for every citizen of Delhi?

No! Delhi E pass is only for the associates who are there for the services and goods to the public during the curfew and does not hold any ID issued by the Government of India. The general citizens are therefore advised to remain at home only during the whole phase of Lockdown.

Ques- I have a night E pass. Is there need to apply again for Delhi E pass?

If the candidate holds the Weekend or Night pass then there is no need to reapply for Delhi e pass.

Ques- What is the Delhi Curfew E pass ?

Delhi E pass is a mandatory e pass granted by the Delhi government to those applicants who will be in the public place to serve the essential goods and services to the citizens who have applied for the pass on the portal of the Delhi government. It is generally a 7- digit id number provided to the applicant who also don’t hold any government issued or the iD card issued from his/her organisation

Ques- Are the guidelines regarding the rules and regulations during the Lockdown available?

Yes! The guidelines mentioning the rules and regulations etc. are available and have been released on the official portal of the Delhi government- One shall open the website and download the pdf of the guideline from the homepage and abide by the same.

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