CG Covid-19 ePass App: How to Use it Apply Epass Online

CG Covid-19 ePass App How to Use it Apply Epass Online: With a spark in the Covid fatalities and cases, Chhattisgarh has come out to be one of the worst affected states in Central India. Considering the latest upsurge, the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Mr. Bhupesh Bagel has announced the lockdown in the state till 26th April which has been further extended till May 5. As per the lockdown, the citizens are required to remain at home with essential commodity service providers being exempted with the Identity card of the associated Organisation. Also, the Government has released the guidelines for the lockdown for the citizens of the state. The Chhattisgarh government has therefore announced the issuance of CG Covid19 ePass to the citizens in case of the extreme emergency. This article guides the citizens throughout the Registration, Eligibility, Status, and services of the Covid19 ePass Application

Chhattisgarh CG Covid-19 ePass

Chhattisgarh covid19 Pass is a card issued by the Chhattisgarh Government with support of Chhattisgarh Police to the citizens of the state to grant them access outside in case of the emergency breakdown. It is a generally a Physical/Digital card carrying the details of the registered citizens with a QR code amongst it for authentication through scanning.

Overview of Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass

Name of the CardChhattisgarh Covid19 ePass
Issued byChhattisgarh Government(with support of Chhattisgarh Police)
Announced ByMr Bhupesh Bagel(Current CM of Chhattisgarh)
Applicable onCitizens of Chhattisgarh(till 5th May, prone to extension)
ePass UsageTo provide access to the citizens of Chhattisgarh in cases of Extreme situation
AvailabilityIn the Mobile Application(Inside Play Store)
Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass cover

Eligibility and Documents Required for Chhattisgarh Lockdown ePass

To be eligible to apply for Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass, Applicant must be a citizen of Chhattisgarh currently living in the state of Chhattisgarh only. Applicant’s age should be preferably above the age of 18. Applicant must not be an essential commodity worker of the state. Provide below are the Documents required for Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass:

  • Scanned copy of Passport size photograph
  • Scanned copy of Aadhaar Card of the Applicant
  • Travel Proof Document
  • Covid Negative Certificate(issued by Medical examiner)
  • Medical Certificate( in case of emergency in the family)

Digital India Portal

How to Download Chhattisgarh Covid 19 ePass?

To apply for Chhattisgarh Covid 19 ePass, It is mandatory for the citizens of Chhattisgarh to Download the CG Covid-19 ePass. Provided below is the procedure to Download the Chhattisgarh Covid-19 ePass Application:

  • Visit the CG Covid-19 ePass portal.
  • The portal will redirect the Citizen to the Chattisgarh Covid-19 ePass section.
  • Citizen needs to click on the Install Button and the Application will be downloaded in the device.


  • Open the Play store in the Android Device.
  • Type CG Covid-19 ePass in the search bar
  • Once the search result appears on the screen, Tap on the Install Button displayed in the green background.
  • The Application will start downloading and installed in the device
CG E Pass Application APK

How to Apply for Chattisgarh Lockdown Curfew ePass?

Once the Chhattisgarh Covid19 E Pass Application gets downloaded on the device, Follow the procedure provided below to Register for the Chhatisgarh Covid19 ePass:

  • Open the CG Covid-19 ePass in your mobile device.
  • Once the loading appears, Grant or decline the permission to take the pictures and record video.
CG E Pass App permit
  • In the 2 of 2, grant/decline the access to photos, media and files under the device.
CG covid 19 ePass App permit
  • Now, provide the 10-Digits mobile number inside the boxes and click on the Generate OTP button. An OTP will be sent to your device
CG E Pass Mobile Number
  • Provide the 4 digit OTP sent in your device and click on Verify OTP button.
CG E Pass OTP Verification
  • On successful authentication, the Homepage will appear on the screen

CG E Pass Homepage Load
  • Inside the homepage, 2 sections will appear:
    • District Traveller Registration(Lockdown)
    • Home Isolation
  • Tap on the District Traveller Registration section
CG covid 19 ePass app homepage
  • The District Traveller Registration form will appear on the screen. To initiate, provide the Vehicle type(Personal/Commercial/Other’s) from the Vehicle type section.
CG covid19 ePass Registration form
  • Next, Applicant is required to provide the Travel details such as
    • the Date of Travelling, Service type from the Drop-Down(Whether essential commodity service provider i,e. Chemist, NGO associate, Food Delivery person, Departmental storekeeper, Petrol pump service associate, Internet service provider or person out on emergency/casualty etc.),
    • Reason for travel
    • Vehicle number as per the asked format
    • Vehicle category(whether car/bike/bus/jeep or other)
CG covid19 ePass App Travel Details
  • In the Applicant’s Detail, provide the
    • Name
    • Mobile
    • Number
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Applicant’s District of Chhattisgarh
    • Block
CG covid19 ePass Applicant Details
  • Next, the Applicant needs to provide the:
    • City/Village Panchayat
    • Full Residential Address
    • Type of Government Issued ID
    • ID Card Number
    • Tick the select bar if the applicant is vehicle driver
    • Strength of the Passengers
CG covid19 ePass Registration Form 2
  • Next, In the Origin Address section section, tick mark the select bar if the origin address is same as the address of the Applicant. If not then Select the District, Block ,City and address from the respective Drop-Downs.
CG covid19 ePass Registration Address Details
  • Now, in the Destination address section, provide the Detail of the Location where the Applicants want to reach.
CG covid19 ePass Destination Address section
  • Once done with the Application section, scroll down to the Upload section.
  • Hereby, Applicant is required to Upload the photograph (not exceeding 5 mb)
CG covid19 ePass Photo Upload section
  • Once the Photograph is uploaded, Applicant needs to Upload his/her Aadhaar ID along with the Photo of the Applicant.
CG E Pass Aadhar upload section
  • In the third upload area, Applicant needs to Upload the Aadhaar ID with the Address.
CG covid19 ePass Aadhar ID with Address upload
  • Post the Aadhar Upload section, Applicant lastly needs to upload the document acting as a Valid Proof with the reason of travel.
CG covid19 ePass Travel reason proof
  • Once the Documents are uploaded successfully, the Applicant is required to enter the information of Driver in the Driver Details section such as:
    • Name of the Driver
    • Age of the Driver
    • Contact Number
    • Identity Proof
    • ID Number
    • District where driver belongs to
    • Block
    • Name of the city from the Drop-Down
    • Complete Residential Address of the Driver
    • Upload the ID Proof
CG covid19 ePass Driver Details section
CG covid19 ePAss Driver details upload section
  • Once the Driver Details are filled, Applicant needs to read the Terms and conditions for the Application.
CG E Pass T&C
  • At last, In the undertaking provide the consent by ticking the T&C and Click on the Submit Button. The Application for The Chhattisgarh ePass will be submitted successfully.
CG Covid19 ePass undertaking

How to Register for E-Shramik Aawa Gaman Application?

E-Shramik Aawa Gaman Application is generally the Application form which is filled by the Applicant or Migrant who are returning to the state from Other states. Provided below is the process to fill the E-Shramik Aawa Gaman Application form:

  • Tap on the e-SAGA from the More option on the Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass Application or Visit the E-SaGa Application Portal on Chhattisgarh Government Labour Department.
  • In the first section, Provide the Origin address details along with selecting the Application type.
CG covid19 ePass Migrant return application form
  • In the next section, enter the Details of the Destination where the Applicant wants to reach. Post the Destination details , provide the Basic details of the passenger in the section shown below and lastly tick the click bar and Hit the Submit Button. Your Application will be successfully submitted for review check by the state Government and the possible managements of the Migrant will be taken into action.
CG covid19 ePass Migrant Application Form-2

How to Apply for Home Isolation Management under Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass Application?

The citizens who are either infected with Covid19 or are coming from the other states to their native place in Chhattisgarh are required to fill the Home Isolation Registration Form. Provided below is the Form for Home Isolation Registration:

  • Tap on the 2nd option of Home Isolation Registration from the Chhattisgarh Covid19 Application or Visit the Chhattisgarh Home Isolation portal
  • To initiate, Provide the basic details and the Generated OTP in the textboxes
CG covid19 ePass Home isolation Form
  • Next provide the Address details of the Applicant.
CG covid19 ePass Home isolation form -2
  • Lastly enter the Medical details in the end section providing the Hospital, sample, health details. On the bottom , Tick the undertaking and hit the Submit button. On successful registration, the Applicant will be Home-quarantined in the state.
CG covid19 ePass Home isolation form 3
CG covid19 ePass Home isolation Login

How to Track the Chattisgarh Covid19 ePass Application status?

Once the Applicant has registered for the Application for Covid19 ePass, the application will be up for the authentication and sanction from the E Pass issuing authorities. Meanwhile, the Applicant shall check His/her Application by abiding the steps provided below:

  • Open the CG covid19 ePass application in your Mobile.
  • Upon the homepage, Tap on the verify option appearing on the bottom.
  • Now the Verify section will be displayed in front of the screen.
  • Applicant is required to select the Registration type(Inter state/Inter District/Traveller Registration) and the vehicle number
  • Lastly, Click on the ‘जाँच करे‘ (Inspection) button displayed on the bottom to display the status of the Application OR
  • Click on the Qr code(to be used by the Police officials for inspecting the citizen by scanning the QR code).
CG covid19 ePass Track status

How to Provide Feedback for Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass?

One shall provide his/her Feedback through the steps provided below:

  • The registered citizens need to open the Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass application.
  • On the homepage, tap on the More option on the bottom
  • Once the service section appears on inside the More potion, Tap on the Feedback option appearing fourth in the row.
CG covid19 ePass service section
  • Once the Feedback form appears, Provide the Feedback type(suggestion/complaint/query).
CG covid19 ePass Feedback type
  • , Lastly, Provide the Name of the Applicant, Mobile Number and the Feedback in the textbox. Lastly, Tap on the Feedback button to successfully submit the Feedback .
CG covid19 ePass Feedback form

Helpdesk Details

In case the citizens of Chhattisgarh have any query or complaint regarding the Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass, the citizens can contact on the lists of the numbers provide below as per their district/regions:

CG Curfew ePass Districts Helpline Lists
CG covid19 ePass Districts Helpline List 2


Ques- What is the reason of issuing the Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass?

The latest record spike in the covid19 cases and the major lockdown in the districts of Chhattisgarh lead to the mandatory registration for Chhatisgarh covid19 ePass.

Ques-Where is the official web portal of Chhattisgarh Covid19 ePass?

There is no website to apply for Chhattisgarh covid19 ePass. Citizens of Chhattisgarh are required to Download the Android application of CG covid19 ePass in their mobile and Hence fill the Registration form inside it.

Ques-How can I check the status of the Application I have applied for Covid19 ePass?

Once opening the Application in the mobile, choose the Verify option. In the new window, provide the Registration type, vehicle number, and click the Verify button. Your application status will be displayed on the screen.

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