Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2021: Apply Online, Eligibility, Benefits & Form

The word Orunodoi symbolizes the ‘Sunrise‘ a direct reference to the Sunrise of the people of Assam to become self-sufficient and determined to make Assam lead as a state in the path of Development. In order to meet the self-efficacy and empowerment amongst the backward sections of the society, the Government of Assam has recently launched the ‘Orunodoi’ Scheme for the year 2021. Under the scheme, financial aid will be given to the beneficiaries to cover up the cost incurred on basic amenities every month. The purpose behind launching the scheme was to reduce the societal imbalance in the state of Assam and uplift the marginalized sections of the society. The scheme was launched on 1st December 2020 by the honorable Chief Minister of the Assam and is functional since then.


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Objective of the Orunodoi Scheme

The motive behind launching the scheme was to remove the poverty and other ailing factors from the state of Assam in order to get a healthy, self-driven state in return. Therefore the Public sector units and Think tanks of Assam together came across to prepare the scheme which was launched in December by the Assam government.


The core aim of the Scheme is to eliminate poverty and to include the financially and socially deprived families of the state through constant financial aid by the government. This is followed by money being provided on a monthly basis into the bank account of the approved beneficiaries via DBT (Direct Bank transfer).

Overview of the Orunodoi Scheme

SchemeAssam Orunodoi Scheme
Announced2nd October 2020
Scheme Inauguration2nd December
Launched ByMr Sarbanand Sonowal (CM- Assam)
Subsidiary ofAssam Finance Department
Mode of ApplicationOffline
Scheme typeState Government
Financial HelpSum of Rs 830/month
BeneficiariesTo provide financial aid to the underprivileged sections of the society
Official Web Portal

Benefits of the Orunodoi Scheme

Claiming as the largest ever direct bank transfer scheme of the Assam, Orunodoi Scheme has its fair share of benefits for the Beneficiaries. These are as follows:

  • The government of Assam is providing a monthly financial aid of Rs 830 to every marginalised family of Assam so that they shall cover up the cost of daily essential commodities and health needs such as pulses, sugar, rice, medicines etc.
  • The scheme is up for benefiting the 17 lakh qualified families of the state
  • The total incurred budget for the scheme is Rs 2800 crores that will be uniformly distributed amongst the beneficiaries
  • As per the scheme, the government of Assam will be providing the sanitary pads to the girls from Class 6th to 12th enrolled in any under-privileged or government-aided school.
  • To ensure the balanced and fair use of the scheme amount, the female member of the girl will be the receiver of the amount.
  • 200-grade schools of the state will get Rs 25 lakhs to strengthen the foundation of the education of the students
  • There will be a fixed amount of sum provided to the Beneficiaries family to incur on different household needs at a subsidized rate. Provided below is the tabular representation of the essentials along with the amount:
  Essentials Amount
 1Procure medicinesRs 400
250% subsidy for 4 kgs of pulsesRS 200
350% subsidy for 4 kgs of sugarRS 80
4 Fruits and vegetables Rs 159
Total Amount RS 830

Financial Assistance shall be provided to economically backward households of Assam through Direct Benefit Transfer. In the first phase, approximately 19 lakh households will be covered at the rate of 15000 households in ger Legislative Assembly constituency. Moreover, the LAC with more than 2 lakh voters, will get the additional target of 2IXIO households.

Eligiblity Criteria for Orunodoi Scheme

The eligibility conditions for the beneficiaries to apply for Orunodoi scheme is as follows:

  • The applicant is ought to have the Domicile/Permanent residence certificate of the state of Assam.
  • Applicant must be currently residing in Assam.
  • The aggregate income of the family of the applicant should not exceed more than Rs 2 lakhs per year.
  • Female Beneficiary is to ought to have the bank account provided that the name provided in the scheme must match the name registered into the bank.
  • If in case the Beneficiary does hold any personal account in the bank, then He/she needs to make the same before the date of sanctioning of the application.

Prime Beneficiaries under the Orunodoi Scheme

The Orunodoi scheme functions in a decentralised way. Therefore the concerned applicants who are below par in terms of income and other such factors will be prioritised and considered first. These are as follows:

  • Any female applicant who is a widow, divorcee, celebataire, separated from the spouse, or is a special child
  • Applicant coming from the poor section irrespective of being an NFSA beneficiary or not.

Excluded Possessor under Orunodoi Scheme

Provided below is the list of the menage who will be ruled out automatically from the Orunodoi Scheme:

  • A family that has no composition of the female member.
  • Prior or current Members of Parliament(MP) or Members of Legislative Assembly(MLA).
  • Current executives that are associated with the Village Panchayat or other such local municipality.
  • All the current/former/retired executives of State/Central Government, Public sector enterprises/units (PSE/PSU), or the autonomous institutions
  • All the working employees of the Cooperative societies that are enrolled under the act of Cooperative Societies,2007 are fully or partially funded by the central or state government.
  • Registered working practitioners such as C A, Doctors, Engineers, Government Tender’s contractors, etc.
  • Households incurring the tax on income
  • Agricultural landholders owning more than 5 acres of farming land.
  • Households that have a tractor or a four-wheel vehicle or a motorboat
  • Household four-wheeler or mechanized boat. (People having 2 wheelers are exempted from the scheme)
  • Households containing electrical equipment such as a refrigerator/Washing machine/Air Conditioner.

Note: The date of consideration of acceptability as per the scheme for the beneficiaries will be 1st April, 2020 which will be considered till the start of next financial year for the beneficiaries.

How to Fill the Orunodoi Scheme Application Form?

Generally the Application form comprises 7 subdivided sections . To initiate with the application, one must follow the steps provided below:

Applicant Details

In the application form. The segment below the header requires the Application number, the area (whether rural or urban), and the date of applying in a DD/MM/YY order.

Hereby the first section is of Applicant details. Under this section, the Applicant needs to provide the personal details of him/her by mentioning all the asked details in the textbox. These details are as follows:

  • Name of the Block
  • Town name
  • Village/Ward name
  • First name of the candidate
  • Middle name(If any)
  • Last name of the Candidate
  • Tick mark Section of gender( Whether Male, Female or Other)
  • Age of the Applicant as on 1st april,2020(to be calculated by finding the difference between the Date of Birth and 1-04-2020)
  • Home number, Locality and Nearest police station from the house
  • Lastly, the pincode and mobile number of the applicant

Family Section

The Family details section generally requires the aggregate strength and basic information of the family members. This includes:

  • Name of the Family member respectively
  • Official Age
  • Gender of the Members
  • Relationship status (with the head of the family)
  • Inside the priority status D stands for Daughter, S stands for son, W stands for Wife .

Bank Account Section

Upon the Bank section, the Applicant needs to ensure to have a personal bank account, the details of whom He/she needs to fill up on the Application form. The details hereby generally comprise the IFSC code, Name of the bank, branch of the bank, Account Number of the Applicant and the Annual income of the family.

Note: Applicant must write the Aggregate income as mentioned in the income certificate issued by the gazetted authority.

Once the applicant fills up the bank details, the segment just at the bottom will of Documents to be attached. Hereby, applicant will need to tick mark with Yes or no whether He/She has the Front copy of the bank passbook, priority relatable documents, and other such documents with also attaching the same documents.


Declaration Section

This section is generally placed on the last page. Hereby the candidates’ tick mark and provides the consent that the information he/she has provided by far is true to his/her knowledge and any sort of discrepancy or wrong information detected will ultimately lead to the termination of the scheme perks and benefits which shall also cost him/her availing the scheme in the future also.


Lastly, The candidate is ought to Download the Orunodoi Application Form PDF, fill in all the required information in the order, and submit the Application form to the ULB/GP office of the state.

How to Login into the Orunodoi Scheme Portal?

Provided below are the steps to guide the Applicant to Login into the portal:

  • Visit the Finance Department of Assam or Directly type the in the web browser.
  • A separate window will appear in front of you on the homepage of the Orunodoi scheme.
  • Hereby on the right corner of the webpage, the Login window will be present as shown below
  • Since the user is an applicant, therefore he/she needs to select the District user from the drop-down section. Next He/she should provide the login credentials such as Username, Password along with the generated captcha and Tap on Login button.
  • On successful login, The Dashboard of the applicant will appear in front of the screen.

How to Submit grievance application under Orunodoi Scheme?

To submit the Application for grievance, following is the procedure that needs to be followed:

  • Open the Public Greivance Application portal from the Official website of Orunodoi scheme
  • Inside the textbox section, the Applicant needs to provide His Name, Mobile number, District from the drop-down menu, email, address, and the Pin code.
  • Then after, from the category bar, Choose whether Its a
    • Complaint
    • Suggestion
    • Information
  • Lastly provide the Summarised description of the query, the applicant wants to convey and Tap on Submit button on the bottom.

How to view the Beneficiary Status under Orunodoi Scheme?

Provided below is the process to vie the Status of beneficiary under the Orunodoi scheme:

  • Applicant needs to visit the Beneficiary Status checker link
  • Now you will be redirected to the portal of the same.
  • Once the portal appears, Choose the respective district in which the applicant resides and provide the Last 7 digits of the Beneficiary number
  • Once the asked details are provided , tap on the Check button.
  • The Beneficiary summary details will appear in front the screen

How to access the Public Distribution List or Raise Complaint?

Public Distribution list is the list that provides the Decentralised data of the beneficiary that is accessed through the steps as shown below:

  • Applicant needs to visit the Official website of the Orunodoi scheme.
  • Once the homepage appears on the screen, just at the bottom will appear the list of traits
  • Click on View status appearing at first from the list
  • Now the Application District wise status list will appear in the new window
  • Applicants need to choose their respective district and click on the arrow option being displayed on the right corner in the same row.
  • Now the Final beneficiaries list of the chosen region will appear with the details such as Beneficiary Name, number, IFSC, Region and the Bank name inside the tabular representation.
  • To raise the complaint regarding the Beneficiary, One needs to click on the ‘Raise a complaint’ button displayed on the right side of the chosen Beneficiary’s row.
  • Now the applicant will be redirected to a separate window of Complaint form will appear.
  • The complaint form will comprise the following details :
    • Candidate’s name
    • Mobile number
    • District(to be chosen from the drop-down menu)
    • E-mail address
    • Address detail(up to 300 characters allowed)
    • Pin code of the region
  • The 2nd and last section will be of Non-eligibility reasons whereby from the various list of Tick bar sections and the reasons of non-eligibility of the candidate shall be chosen by the complainer and further the complainer may also attach the documents that are relevant to justify the cause for complaint considering that the size of the file does not exceed 4 Mb.
  • Lastly, Click on the Submit your Complaint button and the Your Complaint will be registered successfully and post scrutiny, the considerable action will be taken into consideration by the concerned authorities.

Orunodoi Helpdesk

In case Applicant/Beneficiary faces any hindrance or has a complaint/suggestion, He/She may drop a mail at – [email protected]

Assam Orunodoi scheme-FAQs

What is the objective of Orunodoi scheme?

Orunodoi scheme’s aim is to eradicate the poverty by providing financial assistance to the underpriviliged sections of the state

What is the Support amount that is being provided to the beneficiaries?

All the Beneficiaries are entitled to a sum of Rs 830/month under this initiative

What is the eligibility criteria for applying for Orunodoi scheme?

The applicant who wants to apply for the Orunodoi scheme must have a domicile of the state or should be a permanent citizen of the state who should also be residing currently in Assam only and the accumulated family income of the applicant should not exceed Rs 2 lakhs.

What is the budget outlay for the Orunodoi scheme?

The government of Assam has set a budget of Rs 2800 crore for the distribution amongst the beneficiaries in a uniform manner

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